I'd mosh but I'm too pretty (dra_dra_drama) wrote in modern_cliche,
I'd mosh but I'm too pretty

1)Kaitlin, 14, New Jersey, female
2)neil perry, envy, converge, saetia, small brown bike, laura palmer, orchid, a days refrain, circle takes the square, louise cyphre
3) fight club, resivoir dogs, amelie, trainspotting, charles manson: superstar, helter skelter, primal fear, the tenant, Aventure malgache, casablanca, in the company of men.
4)Do you prefer cds.tapes. or records?
5)boyfriend/girlfriend? no
6)Drugs? Why or Why not? No, I don't like not having control.
7)Sex? Why or Why not? Well, I haven't been seckzed yet, so I don't have an opinion on it.
8)If you could be one cartoon, who would it be? Betty Boop, she was hot.
9)Are you nice or mean? I'm nice until I'm given a reason not to be.
10)Boys or Girls? Why? Boys, the majority of girls I know are really bitchy.
11)What year was best for you? And why? 1999, my parents split up.
12)Do you burn cds? Yes.
13)Do you like fashion? Yes.

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