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totally decent

sex is personal

your genre sucks
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music. style. hot. woah.

+be an asshole
+do not take peoples shit
+YOU MUST post every picture behind LJ-CUT or the entree will not be accepted

when applying++
answer the following questions
1)Name, Age, Location, Sex.
2)10 favorite bands
3)10 favorite movies
4)Do you prefer cds.tapes. or records?
6)Drugs? Why or Why not?
7)Sex? Why or Why not
8)If you could be one cartoon, who would it be?
9)Are you nice or mean?
10)Boys or Girls? Why?
11)What year was best for you? And why?
12)Do you burn cds?
13)Do you like fashion

post a picture. leave it at that.

do not vote until you are STAMPED!