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1)Name, -sari-
Age, 21
Location, chicago
 Sex. female

2)10 favorite bands: Sondre Lerche. The moving units. Queen. The killers. belle and sebastian. blonde redhead. mirah. Le tigre. echo and the bunnymen. the cure. My bloody valentine. from mars.. oh my god , and so much more.

3)10 favorite movies : memento. American Beauty. Fear and loathing in las vegas. Bongwater. Donnie Darko. Animal house. The waking life. amelie .

4)Do you prefer cds.tapes. or records? im a fan of the cds... i like records also though

5)boyfriend/girlfriend? i have a boyfriend, hes in a neat band called from mars.

6)Drugs? Why or Why not? yes! because i'm just a fan of them.
7)Sex? Why or Why not : sex is good with the right people.

8)If you could be one cartoon, who would it be? Jane from daria, she was pretty rad.

9)Are you nice or mean? i dunno, it depends on if you piss me off.

10)Boys or Girls? Why? boys or girls for what? as in sex? as in playtime? as in which i would rather be?

11)What year was best for you? And why? i think this year.. I am finally moving up.

12)Do you burn cds? yes i do

13)Do you like fashion: i'm a fashion designer.. muah, what a perfect question.

post a picture. leave it at that.



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im not exactly what you would call computer suave.
the pictures are above this post...
im sorry.